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Something has changed within us – Cast visits Roswell Park

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On Tuesday, January 29th, the cast of “A Night with Schwartz” were given a special treat.

The possibility to give a gift to people who want a little hope or a break. Kaleidoscope Theatre gave the “Gift of Song.”

While most of us may have never past Roswell Park’s doors, those that do have a tough journey. We felt honored to be allowed to sing within those doors to people who are truly “Defying Gravity” everyday.

In addition to the experience of Roswell, we have been changed by the music of Stephen Schwartz. This is our first musical revue, and we – cast and crew – are tirelessly working through the music, the script, choreography, and the tech elements to make your experience a wonderful and memorable one.

This production has come to mean something more meaningful to us then we could have even imagined. Singing at Roswell puts life in perspective, and allows artists to grow and to work even harder then we have ever worked.

“Join us, come and waste an hour or two,” whether you have seen every show of Stephen Schwartz or never heard a single note you will be changed as we have.

We are proud to sing, the WNY Premiere, for you – our audience – “Testimony.” A song written derived from the It Gets Better Project. So join us – our show opens – February 1st, 7:30pm and runs to February 16th Fridays and Saturdays.


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