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Setting the Standart in Directing

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Over our tenure we have been asked many interesting questions about a director. What role does the director play? Why is it necessary to have a director?  For the layperson, these questions may seem on par, yet I ask what is a football team without a Coach, or an army without a General.

The Director’s role is a fine balance of artistry, leadership, and inspiration. We at Kaleidoscope pride ourselves on finding people who fit our parameters with these qualities, and we are happy to announce our two directors for our upcoming shows.

Yes, I did say shows. We are taking a new twist in the Kaleidoscope by adding K2 – a second stage for Kaleidoscope. The 2nd stage will be another springboard of creativity that will happen simultaneously with our main stage production.

Directing the main stage production of Murder In Green Meadows will be a 2013 Artie Nominee for Outstanding Direction of a Play – Christopher Standart. We have watched and admired Christopher’s passion for theatre and the artistry of his works. His keen eye and quick-witted intelligence made him the perfect choice for this thriller.



Our 2nd stage director is new to the directing circuit, and adds a lengthy and diverse performance background. During Kaleidoscope’s original revue – A Night with Schwartz – it was evident that she was not only a performer but a director searching for a show. We are proud to introduce Melissa Leventhal as the director of our inaugural K2 production of “ART” by Yasmina Reza.

We are extremely excited about the next couple of months for Kaleidoscope, and ask that you join us to audition for our shows. Come as a patron, and see why directors are so necessary. Come support these two local and talented directors as they make their Kaleidoscope directorial debut.

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