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“Schwartz was definitely with them” – Ted Hadley (Buffalo News)

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Let me set the stage…Opening night, large audience, and a sense of something wonderful about to happen for people on stage and in the audience.

As the lights go down, a sense of nervousness and anticipation culminate in this, Ted Hadley said it best, “A labor of love.”

We thank Mr. Hadley for coming to our show on opening night, and reviewing the artwork that was displayed in front of him. Hadley’s review was intelligent, introspective, and fair.

Our ‘labor of love’ was creating an evening of entertainment, while enlightening our audience about one of the greatest composers of all times.

The vocal skill of the cast is beautiful and entrancing, and we encourage any and all of you to come see “A NIGHT WITH SCHWARTZ”, running Fridays and Saturdays until Feb 16th.

Although art is not dictated by reviews, we thank you  Mr. Ted Hadley for your insights.


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