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One word to describe the cast of Beckett Dances with Pinter – VERSATILITY

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One word to describe the cast of Beckett Dances with Pinter – VERSATILITY

Kaleidoscope has performed a variety of plays over their tenure of 11 years. We added another play, which many consider a great success but is also fringe-like. Another Artistic Director of a Buffalo Theatre said, “Beckett and Pinter in the same night….that’s heavy stuff.”  Let me quell the thought of “heavy stuff” – this show will make you think, but the performances will keep you entertained.

Our 1st performer has been one of the cornerstones of Kaleidoscope. Her loyalty and commitment to perfection is something that every theatre teacher and owner look for in a student and employee – Versatility and Passion. Britany Hagen, has played every role in a Kaleidoscope Production, from Stagehand, to props, to light-designer, to sound-designer, to performer, and now to Director/Performer. (There is more that she has done…but we can go on forever).

Britany’s visions for “Beckett Dances with Pinter” is rooted in her desire to educate and to show people to enrich their lives, and not to be held back by limits that other people put on us. Through her own adversity she epitomizes the goal that theatre artists strive to achieve. Britany’s performance in “Act Without Words” is wonderful and haunting. Her direction of the entire production was well thought-out and well executed. She is truly a multi-talented and versatile artist.

Over the course of a year, Kaleidoscope has been blessed with an actor who embodies this word – Versatility. From the Choral powers in Baby, to the farcical lead in Fox on the Fairway, and now a dual performance in Beckett Dances with Pinter, from Mime to Hitman.

Geoff Pictor is a versatile talent that is not afraid to commit and challenge his limits. He may, to some, seem as though he is all about laughs, but after working side-by-side with Geoff I realized he is creative and constantly thinking on stage. As an actor, you want the other cast members to be aware of the proverbial “things” that worry an actor – broken props, light cues, sound cues – he never misses a beat. He truly cares about the people he works with, and he makes the process so enjoyable and fun.

Julie Spendal is a true professional. Her personality and excitement to be on the project is contagious, and she is an extreme dance talent and a wonderful choreographer. Her and Britany’s collaboration is awe inspiring. Her insight for the theme and understanding the need for a talented partner, with Megan Starnes, is so critical. Megan, a dynamic dancer, was such a welcome to this cast. Her character is chilling and precise. We want to thank U.B. for once again producing some amazing dance and theatrical talent.

The word – versatility – easy to say, but hard to accomplish. I am proud to share the stage with these top-notch performers, and I hope their careers are long and fruitful. Thank you for joining our family, and know that you always have a home with Kaleidoscope Theatre Productions.

For all other companies reading this and either need a director, actor, or dancer – look no further.

Dramatically yours

Kaleidoscope Theatre Productions

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