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Kaleidoscope’s New Twist

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At Kaleidoscope, we are always looking for ways to broaden our horizons and be more…well…kaleidoscopic. As times are forcing businesses to consolidate, we’ve decided to expand. Kaleidoscope is opening 2 shows in 2 weeks – 1 Main Stage Production, and 1 K2 production.

Our main stage productions are for our loyal patrons. We not only find shows of interest to us, but we also find shows that will interest our audience. As a theatre company, or any business, you must be cognicent of your audience’s needs and wants. The shows we choose for the main stage will be fun, entertaining, and filled with variety – from thrillers to comedies, to dramas, and musicals.

Enter K2 – the new twist in the Kaleidoscope. An opportunity for Kaleidoscope to offer not only to our loyal patrons but to a new audience looking to see less produced popular plays, new ideas/new plays, Greek tragedy, Shakespeare, etc. We are broadening the pallet for ourselves and our audience.

So, why would a main stage audience member see K2?

Our loyal subscribers receive free tickets for K2. We want this audience to come to K2 on their own accord. By charging a loyal audience for something new and different might chase them away. In this instance, we are hoping that some will take advantage of the eclectic offering of the Main Stage and our K2 Production.

So, what’s different? For our patrons, not much. You are going to see 2 quality performances that include all of the elements that you would see with our Main Stage productions – full costumes, props, set, sound, lights, etc.

We ask you, our patron – support Kaleidoscope by coming to see our Mainstage production of Murder in Green Meadows – A Thriller & then next week come and watch ART – a comedy. Here is the offer that is not to be passed up:

  • Subscribers – Receive a free ticket to ART ($15 value) as part of their subscription package (subscribe today)
  • Reserve/Walk-ins – Buy a ticket to Murder in Green Meadows & to ART and receive $5 off

Theatre is for everyone. Theatre is to be experienced. Theatre must be affordable. For as low as $25 you can see two productions.

Help support Kaleidoscope by experiencing both of these wonderful pieces of theatre – the Thrills and the Laughs.

Murder in Green Meadows opens – January 31st – February 15th (Fridays & Saturdays)



Art  opens – February 6th – 16th

(Thursdays & Sundays)



See you at the theatre.



Kaleidoscope Theatre Productions

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  1. Wally Balon says:

    We saw Murder in Green Meadows last weekend. It was very good but the last part had what I thought was an error. Frank’s wife was supposedly in the trunk of the car and the car keys were hidden by the new widow. But later when the wife comes home from shopping she should have used the keys and her car to go shopping or her husband should have noticed that a car was missing from the driveway or garage.

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